Dreams Come True: Cast Of “The Lion King” Surprise Plane With Performance

Someone please tell me why I was not on this plane. Travelers flying from Brisbane to Sydney, Australia, this weekend got a musical surprise when the Aussie Broadway cast of “The Lion King,” who were also en route, decided to serenade the plane with their rendition of the musical’s hit number, “The Circle of Life.”

As a huge Disney fan, and someone who has to regularly self-medicate on airplanes, this would have cured pretty much all of my flying fears. Why more passengers didn’t join in, I’ll never know. I would have been the one presenting my carry-on duffel above my head as if it were a newborn baby lion. I’m flying to Nashville in a couple of weeks, and I’m now expecting the entire cast of “Aladdin” to be on my plane, geared up and ready to sing “A Whole New World.” I’ll bring the carpet.