10 Reasons We Hope Johnny Depp’s Man-gagement Ring Becomes A Trend

Johnny Depp recently made an appearance wearing — GASP — a woman’s engagement ring on his left finger. Many assumed that this was some kind of hint about his hush, hush engagement to Amber Heard. In response to questions about the bling on his finger, Depp replied, “The fact that I’m wearing a chick’s ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle.”

Great. They’re engaged. Mazel tov!

But what really interests us is whether or not he plans to permanently rock this new rock, and how many other guys will follow suit. We’re really hoping that it’s not a stunt, that it’s an earnest attempt to imbue the engagement process with the gender equality it deserves. Best case scenario: Johnny will make the man-gagement ring a trend. Below, some reasons why we’re fervently pro guys wearing “chick” engagement rings.

1. Because it’s a testament to gender equality. If the institution of marriage has really evolved, then ladies shouldn’t be the only ones getting a ring when it’s time to get engaged.

2. Because it’s less confusing for gay couples who are finally allowed to tie the knot. Who gets the ring when two guys get engaged? Both!

3. Because it helps ensure engaged men won’t get hit on at bars. At least, we hope so. But either way, it sends a strong message.

4. Because it will spark a trend of men showing off their engagement ring bling on Facebook. A refreshing change from the constant photos of their freshly washed cars.

5. Because men look hot with some bling.  We admit, we find it sexy.

6. Because it gives women something to save six months pay for. We have jobs, too you know. (Even if we still get paid less on average.)

7. Because it alleviates all that getting down on one knee business. Just stand up and exchange engagement rings. Done and done. No sore kneecaps required.

8. Because it lets women plan fun/dorky ways to surprise their dudes with a ring. Like having it baked into a chocolate cake and presented at a fancy restaurant by a flash mob. Well, maybe not the flash mob.

9. Because it gives both sexes the opportunity to boycott the diamond industry. It shouldn’t just be guys who get to take a stand and buy their betrothed a macaroni and cheese ring instead of a blood diamond.

10. Because if anyone can start a new trend, it’s Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. They’re the trendiest of trendy, and we’re counting on them.