“Men’s Rights” Group Whines About Sexual Assault Awareness Month Self Defense Class

Who could possibly have a problem with free self defense classes hosted by the Glendale, California, Police Department in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

So-called “men’s rights” activists who complain that the classes that teach self-defense skills to girls and women are discriminatory against men.

The National Coalition For Men, based out of San Diego, sent a letter to the city of Glendale arguing that they are violating state and federal civil rights laws. What other important sexual discrimination causes have the NCOM taken up? Suing a strip club for offering free admission to women on a “ladie’s [sic] night” and a Ladies’ Day at a cycling festival. It brings tears to your eyes the way these men suffer!

Let’s be clear on what the NCFM are: a group of folks whose website complains about alimony and uses the word “misandry” a lot.  These men are upset when bitches appear to get anything they don’t deserve, whether it’s free access to look at naked titties or instructions on how to knee someone in the groin. “Just because you have a penis doesn’t mean you come out of the womb with a black belt in karate,” whined Harry Crouch, president of the NCFM. Well, yes, but  having a penis is a main factor in why you’re less likely to be victimized in the first place.

To be sure, men are victimized by sexual assault. According to the Rape Abuse And Incest National Network (RAINN), men comprise as much as 10 percent of sexual assault victims. If the city of Glendale wants to offer self-defense classes to men and boys as well, that would be a lovely thing; I also suspect outreach programs to reach those men in the first place would be much-needed. But we can’t be distracted from the larger issue at play here which is that women and girls are the primary victims of sexual assault and abuse. Men live in a culture in which they are permitted, if not outright encouraged, to behave aggressively when someone violates their boundaries; women are not. While it may be technically against the law for a free government event to be open to women-only, most people don’t give a shit because they understand that women are the ones who need it most.

Ultimately, I’m not truly convinced  that NCFM sincerely cares about empowering men. They care more about disempowering women. “Men’s rights” groups only care about women being perceived as getting something they don’t deserve. Considering their other “causes” are Ladies’ Nights at strip clubs and cycling events, I don’t take these folks seriously. Sexual assault  is a problem; bruised egos are not.

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