6 Tips For A Simple Seasonal Purge-Fest

After a long and seemingly endless winter, the time has finally come to turn off that dry heat, shed your woolies and start spending time outside the confines of your home. However, before you all run out to soak up the sun, it would be very smart to give your home a good refresh to welcome the new season. And for those of you living in warm climes, you have no excuse – the start of spring is the perfect time to clean up and reorganize your closets, your bedding, you name it.

To help you get started, here are six simple tips for beginning the season with a very clean slate:

1. A New Hue For You: Liven things up with a bright, fresh color scheme. Color consistency is a great way to maintain an organized look, so pick one or two shades that will infuse new life into your space. Make the switch as simple as possible by changing pillowcases, curtains, blankets or knick-knacks. It’s also good to eliminate anything reminiscent of colder weather (heavy wool throws, grungy door mats, and even pine-scented candles).

2. Pack And Stack: Do a seasonal switch of your wardrobe. Pack away your sweaters, warm pants and heavy outerwear. Keep them well-protected and easy to spot in clear, plastic containers — either hard shell tubs with a lid or soft, collapsible bags with a zipper. Store the off-season clothes in an out-of-the-way location like under the bed, on the top shelf of your closet or in a basement or attic storage space.

3. Your Fair Share Of Air: Be sure to breathe in the fresh air! Surface cleaning will wipe away the fine layer of dust and sediment left over from winter lockdown but it will also push some of it into your air space. Open your windows wide and air out your space, especially during and after a deep clean.

4. Blooms In Your Rooms: As young buds start to poke through the ground outside, you can create nature’s environment inside your home, too. Fresh flowers, an aloe plant or a small pot of violets or jasmine can fill the air with fragrant springtime.

5. Reliance On A Clean Appliance: Don’t forget the fridge. Spring-cleaning is a good time to do an annual refrigerator wipe-down. Take everything out, toss out any old and expired items and disinfect the inside structure. Then when it’s dry, put the items back in. Now is a good time to shift your eating habits too, as fresh produce will be more available in the upcoming months.

6. The Day For Play: Get your sporting gear ready. Warm weather means it’s time for outdoor activities! Make sure your equipment is functional and accessible. Move out, fix or replace any items that are cracked, warped or splintered. Designate a spot close to your front or back door, or in the garage, to house all your outdoor stuff. And spread the news — if everyone in your family knows where the soccer ball and tennis rackets are stored, they’ll be more likely to help themselves for outdoor fun.

Amelia Meena is owner of the NYC-based company Appleshine, Lifestyle Organization. As a professional organizer for a range of clients including Fortune 500 managers, lawyers, investment bankers, artists and stay at home moms, she helps people clear clutter and establish efficiency and order in their homes and their lives. Check out AppleShineNYC.com for more organization tips, videos and even some ideas on how to responsibly reuse or recycle your unwanted items.)

[Image of a woman cleaning via Shutterstock]