Here’s What The Syrian War Would Look Like For A Little Girl In London

This chilling video by Save The Children gives us a peek into what the Syrian War would look like if it took place in London, as an ordinary little girl’s life is suddenly disrupted by the disintegration of her city. As much as the violence in Syria has dominated headlines, it sometimes seems hard to grasp or even fathom, and this ad paints a straightforward picture of the reality faced by 2.3 million refugees who’ve been forced out of their homes. The video’s closing note, “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening,” really stuck with me. It’s hard to face the fact that kids are ever subjected to such extreme tragedy. Save The Children is hoping to raise money for what some people are calling Syria’s lost generation — kids who are growing up in refugee camps and have lost friends and loved ones to the conflict. [Thought Catalog]

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