Whoa: The Average Woman Has $550 Worth Of Unworn Clothing In Her Closet

We’ve all done it. Bought a party dress that we just HAD to have only to realize that we have nowhere to wear it. Splurged on a pair of trousers that looked amazing in the dressing room and hideous as soon as we got them home. Done a little retail therapy, came home with a few bags of cheap t-shirts from Forever 21, and absolutely no interest in ever wearing them. But can you estimate just how much all those unworn clothes hanging in your closet and crammed into the nether regions of your dresser drawers might be worth? According to a recent survey, for most women the value is around $550. For clothes that are never worn.

For many women, this adds up to be about 20% of their entire wardrobe. As shockingly high as that number seems, it definitely adds up when you think about it. I’ve given away a ton of clothes in the past few years, and try to be a discerning shopper, and I still probably have at least a few hundred bucks’ worth of ignored items languishing in my wardrobe. My reasons for ignoring certain pieces is pretty consistent with what the majority of the survey participants said:

The participants were also asked why these items were never worn (and were given the option to choose any that apply.) A whopping 75 percent admitted to preferring other pieces instead, while 51 percent cited negative reactions from their partner or friends.

When asked why they don’t just return the unworn clothes, 39% of respondents cited good old fashioned laziness, which I also definitely identify with.

Does $550 seem about right for you? What are the main reasons you end up not wearing clothes you buy? Poor fit? Evolving style? Harsh return policies? Let me know in the comments!

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