Facebook Is Trying To Stop You From Humiliating Yourself

Acts of self-destruction on Facebook have apparently become so rampant that the site is getting involved and testing a reminder system to try to save you from yourself. When you’re about to post something that might lead you to expulsion, firing or just general humiliation from sharing with an unintended audience, the system employs a nifty little pop-up that will remind users that they’re posting something publicly and to consider who the post is intended for.

A Facebook PR rep insisted that “we frequently test new ways to help ensure people are sharing with who they want to on Facebook,” which is reassuring, since I sometimes feel like the system is rigged to enable me to self-sabotage as much as possible even after double-checking privacy settings. Since the reminders are still being tested out, we can’t be sure whether they’ll set up camp on your newsfeed for the long-term. Hopefully they’ll stick around permanently and any potential humiliating post will be intercepted with this note:

“Hi — Sorry to interrupt. You haven’t changed who can see your posts lately, so we just wanted to make sure you’re sharing this post with the right audience. (Your current setting is Public, though you can change this whenever you post.)”

I love this idea, but what Facebook really needs is an alert system for whenever someone tries to visit their ex’s profile after 1 a.m. and a way to disable accidental clicks of the “like” button when you’re stalking a potential date’s profile pictures from 2009. [Ugh, PREACH. — Amelia]

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