The World’s First Exploding Penis Popsicle Has A Creamy, Sherbet Center

We can thank GB Glace, a Swedish ice cream company, for their new popsicle known as the X-Pop. Perhaps they should have called it the XXX-Pop, because although the company insists that it’s supposed to be a rocket ship-esque popsicle perfect for kids, Swedish parents know what it really looks like: a penis. Making matters worse, the pensicle’s special selling factor is that it has a creamy, sherbet center that “pops” in your mouth. Oh, my…

The company continues to deny the phallic nature of the X-Pop, saying that it’s a “normal popsicle.” One parent left a comment on the company’s Facebook page that summed it up perfectly:

“I ate one last week. Or, I actually bought it for my daughter, but when I opened it I died of laughter and said to my boyfriend that they have made an ice cream dildo!”

Well done, GB Glace.

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