Peeps Donuts Are Here And Now I’m On An Emotional Roller Coaster

Just as all things Easter are starting to show up in stores, Dunkin’ Donuts is presenting us with a gift from above: Peeps donuts. As the treats roll into stores in the next week, you, too, can devour the sugary, tooth-aching goodness that is a neon marshmallow Peep planted atop America’s favorite junk food item. The donuts are flower-shaped and come in pink or green, with a little Peep awkwardly chillin’ at a strange angle in the center.

I happened to notice that the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street from The Frisky office had them for sale today, so I had to buy one — for research, right? It devastates me to report that I was majorly underwhelmed by the Peeps donut. But what exactly was I expecting? Dunkin’ Donuts is delicious, but it’s not Jacques Torres. Perhaps it was only my particular location, but my Dunkin’ didn’t adhere to the golden rule of Peeps: they can’t be left out for too long! The donut I bought had already taken on that rough texture of a package of Peeps that sat unopened on the kitchen counter for too many hours, so I wasn’t exactly eager to finish it. A Peep is only as yummy and gooey as it is fresh. Yes, I take the care of Easter candy very seriously.

The donuts may be adorned with radioactive colors and have less-than-ideal Peep quality, but I say buy one anyway for the novelty. After all, this concoction may never turn up again. Our arteries would be happy if Peep donuts disappeared, but wouldn’t your sugar-loving spirit be totally bummed that you didn’t try just one?

[Oh No They Didn’t]

[Image via Dunkin’ Donuts]