Interns Deserve Protection From Sexual Harassment, Too

  • Unpaid interns in New York City are now protected from sexual harassment and racial/religious/sexual discrimination, following the passage of a bill that protects them on the job even if they are not earning a wage or salary. [Think Progress]
  • A Pakistani politician introduced a bill to increase the punishment on any adult who is involved in child marriage. [Reuters]
  • Here’s blogger Brittney Cooper on why she supports #CancelColbert … [Salon]
  • … and here’s what blogger Erin Gloria Ryan from Jezebel says we can learn from the whole thing. [Jezebel]
  • The mayor of Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city, has vowed to shut down “Dolly,” a brothel complex which employs 100 sex workers. But how will this affect those who earn their living in the red light district? [Reuters]
  • Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is now trying to trash his opponent, State Senator Wendy Davis, as the the one who is really against equal pay. Uh huh. Right. [Think Progress]
  • The case for making revenge porn a federal crime. [Gawker]
  • So-called “honor killings” vastly increased in Palestine in 2013. [Al-Jazeera]
  • California is the only state to actually advance women’s reproductive rights in the past few years. [WomensENews]
  • Men in the military report feeling significantly more psychologically affected than women by the experience of sexual assault, according to results of a 2002 Department of Defense survey.  [Al-Jazeera]
  • Tales of a lesbian Muslim in the UK. [Channel4]
  • Are we really opening up the Hugo Schwyzer wound again? I guess we are. [Los Angeles Magazine]
  • The New York Times published a salary negotiation guide for women. Unfortunately, that won’t change sexist bosses. [Slate]
  • This advertising is misguided, but I’m not sure  why there’s a women-only online college in the first place. [Jezebel]
  • Can #NoMakeupSelfies make a difference? [Guardian UK]

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