Beauty Test Drive: Hard Candy’s Take Me Out Liner

Colored eyeliner is one of those beauty products I flirt with but rarely actually attempt. In fact, I usually wimp out even when it comes to colored shadow. That said, it seems like such an easy way to mix up your makeup routine without too much effort, so I was willing to give it a try. Hard Candy’s Take Me Out Eyeliner in Vice seemed like a good gateway into the world of colorful eyes, and if I’m being totally honest, the pretty glitter on the outside of the pencil was probably a bigger factor in wanting to try it than I should admit.

Availability:  $5,

Application: How you choose to apply Take Me Out eyeliner depends on what look you’re going for with your eyes. It applies like any other eyeliner and has a nice little sharpener right on the pencil, which I found to be convenient. It liked it best when it was sharpened to a fine point, but if you’re looking for a softer look, you could leave the pencil more blunt. Even when the pencil is sharpened, the color doesn’t come out as a refined line like lots of other pencils do. I think it’s intended to be a bit thicker and more blend-able than that — frustrating if you’re trying to be very precise with where you apply it, but it creates more of a blended look that would be tough otherwise.

At first I wasn’t sure how to make blue eyeliner passable in everyday life instead of on, say, the red carpet. After messing around with each eye for a while and poking around to see how others have worn it, I decided I like Vice best on just my lower lash line. Lately I’ve been using lots of liquid liner on my top eyelid, so it took me a few tries to get used to filling in my lower lid again. As you’ll notice, I’m still practicing getting it really close to the lash line so it doesn’t look like there’s a big gap between my eye and the liner — any tips on that one? I added a slight wing tip the few times I’ve used it, which has turned out well (read: smudge-free) about half the time. Why are those things such a complicated art!? The pencil itself is not sparkly like the packaging, but Vice does have an ever-so-slight shimmer to it which is pretty cute. When you remove it, you’ll probably have a few leftover bits of shimmer on your eye for the rest of the day.

Overall: I’m a big fan of Take Me Out eyeliner! The liner is so easy to use and idiot-proof, and it made trying out a bold color fun instead of intimidating. The blue I tried (Vice) also really fit well with my pale, Caucasian skin tone and had a nice, creamy texture. Depending on what you prefer, I think bright colors like this are something you either make into a normal thing for yourself and wear to work and the grocery store, or they’re something you save solely for nights out. It’s totally up to you. I haven’t really tried to wear it much in my day-to-day life but I think it’s a lot like red lipstick in that you just need the right attitude to pull it off. If you feel great in it, others will take your cue and love it on you too!

Rating: 4.5/5