New “Walking Dead”-Themed Beer Has Actual Brains In It

The Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia is churning out a special “Walking Dead”-themed beer. In fact, it’s so authentic to the series that it has real brains in it. Roasted goat brains, in fact.

The goat brains give the American Pale Stout “intriguing, subtle smoke notes.” Um, okay, if they say so. The blood-red malt beverage also has cranberry in it, and will be available March 30 to celebrate the show’s season finale.

I’d totally give this booze a try in the name of being a good “Walking Dead” fan — but I can’t promise I could handle more than a sip or two before I’d get too grossed out at the thought of brains in my drink. Those poor little goats! The brewery, in the pun of all puns, is calling it “quite possibly the smartest beer you’ll ever drink.” So, I mean, there’s that.

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