Supreme Court Clarifies Federal Law On Domestic Violence Convictions & Gun Ownership

  • Today, the Supreme Court ruled on the federal law that criminalizes the ownership of guns by anyone convicted of domestic violence. The Court clarified that the term”domestic violence” should be broadly interpreted to include more than just physical force. (Not surprisingly, Justice Scalia just doesn’t get why.) As Vice President Joe Biden has noted, gun violence and intimate partner violence are connected and addressing one problem means addressing another. [New York Times, Think Progress]
  • Take a look at this little girl Relisha Rudd, age eight, who has gone missing in the Washington, D.C./Richmond, Virginia area. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Here’s how raising the minimum wage would help women. [The Hill]
  • Singer Keyshia Cole was not having it when she was asked in an interview about whether she is “wifey material.” [Feministing]
  • Here’s how an elementary school in Tucson, Arizona, is handling which bathrooms transgender students can use. [KVOA]
  • Why Black girls lose out when Black boys dominate the discourse. [Salon]
  • It was bound to happen someday: Skidmore College is offering a summer course on race, gender and Miley Cyrus. [BuzzFeed]
  • Should partners have a say in how a woman gives birth? [Feminist Breeder]

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