Rumor: Chris Martin Cheated On Gwyneth Paltrow With Kate Hudson

  • Take it with a grain of salt, but the blind item site BlindGossip claims that Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t the only one who has been unfaithful in Hollywood lately: Chris Martin has supposedly been romancing Kate Hudson, who is engaged to Matt Bellamy from the band Muse, which has caused a rift in her friendship with Gwyn. All of their kids are friends, too, which makes this story even more complicated. Supposedly Chris and Gwyneth have been privately split up for awhile, but this is a new twist on why. [BlindGossip via Crushable]
  • In case you don’t understand what “conscious uncoupling” means, it’s a New Age-y spiritual divorce. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Meanwhile, the gossip blogs are combing through all their pictures of Gwyneth trying to find ones where she kisses men who are not Chris. [Perez Hilton]
  • Yet another Kardashians spin-off: brace yourselves for “Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons.” The Hamptons, consider this a notice that you are officially over. [US Weekly]
  • This proposed Internet slang list is genius. Wait, “fluff it” isn’t already real slang? [The Toast]
  • “Duke porn star” Belle Knox opens up about porn stereotypes, her nonexistent sex ed in Catholic school, and how better to protect and support sex workers. [ELLE]
  • Writers from “The Simpsons” pick their favorite “Itchy & Scratchy” cartoons. []
  • Movie theaters are thinking of slashing movie prices so we all stop just waiting six months to see it on Netflix. [TIME]
  • Robin Thicke said he and estranged wife Paula Patton are “great friends.” [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • Ten reasons to be terrifyingly excited for “American Horror Story: Freakshow.” [HelloGiggles]
  • Country singer Trace Adkins is being dumped by his wife of 16 years. [People]

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