Booze Is Coming To A Starbucks Near You

Starbucks has managed to turn its brand into a grownup’s version of a toy store, selling everything the over-18 yuppie set loves best: caffeine, jazz-infused compilation CDs, an attitude of superiority, and now, as part of its valiant attempt to take over the world, alcohol.   

The company will offer an evening menu that includes wine and beer as well as meal plates and snacks like chocolate fondue, truffle macaroni and cheese, and bacon-wrapped dates. YUM. It’s no secret that Starbucks has been branching out to sell tea, pastries and green juice, which are pretty damn delicious. The evening menu has been tried out in several cities over the past few years and, apparently, people really like it. It will take years for the program to be set up in all of its thousands of stores, which leaves time to get used to the idea.

Part of me is squealing with glee at the idea of a one-stop shop for coffee and booze. The other part of me can’t picture stopping at Starbucks for drinks after work if it continues to have a coffee shop vibe. Either way, just tell me when and where that truffle mac and cheese will be sold and I’m there. [NY Post]