Planning Your Dream Wedding? Don’t Forget The Donkeys!

There are so many questions to ask yourself if you’re in the process of planning a wedding, but the most important one is: will you be hiring donkeys? According to The Knot, the latest, no-I’m-not-kidding-you wedding trend is to have donkeys at your nuptials.

Apparently, brides and grooms are using donkeys in all sorts of creative ways — from acting as butlers by distributing beers to guests, to transporting the bride down the aisle, to wearing costumes and acting as live scenery. An Arizona company appropriately called Haul N Ass specializes in rentable donkeys for weddings. Their trained asses will cost you $250 an hour, but  Vanessa Rice of Haul N Ass assures you, they will be worth the price of admission.

“The donkeys go in hotels, restaurants — they go everywhere,” she explained. “The first thing guests want to do is touch their ears so they have to be very tolerant and they genuinely love people. The main thing is that they are trained to stand still and they’re rewarded for their good behavior. At weddings, you’ve got people that have never met, and before you know it, they’re hanging with the donkey, meeting over the donkey and helping each other take photos.”

On top of that, Haul N Ass’ donkeys come complete with costumes (if you want them) and diapers, so your special day doesn’t smell like ass. Pun intended. []