New York Movie Theater Invites Babies To See “Nymphomaniac” For Free

“Nymphomaniac” is notorious for being one of the most sexually explicit movies of the year, but that’s not stopping New York’s Sunshine Cinema from letting babies attend screenings of the Lars Von Trier film … for free. The theater offers noon screenings so parents can bring their crying babies to the movies without getting the stank eye from other theatergoers. The website reads:

“The Sunshine Cinema welcomes caregivers and their babies on Wednesdays for our special Rattle & Reel screenings. Adults pay normal admission prices but all babies are FREE! Tickets available at the box office only on the day of show. Screening Wednesday, March 26 at 12:00 noon: Nymphomaniac Volume I. Screening Wednesday, April 2 at 12:00 noon: TBA”

I guess they’re going with the theory that children under a certain age don’t know the difference between Shia LaBeouf giving oral sex and a Baby Einstein DVD. But still, the theater doesn’t specify what constitutes a baby. Not old enough to walk away from the movie being able to say the word penis, I suppose. Parents who want to take your baby to see “Nymphomaniac” raise your hands. Oh, no one? [Nerve]