Beauty Test Drive: Essie Fill The Gap Treatment For Nail Ridges

As I get older, the ridges on my nails become more and more noticeable. Although vertical nail ridges are totally harmless, they can make at home manicures frustrating. Filing them down can weaken nails and painting over them can lead to a streaky manicure. After a long search, I have finally found a solution I can commit to.

Price: Essie Fill The Gap, $10

Application: Essie Fill The Gap should be applied like any other base coat. On clean natural nails, apply one coat. This quick dry product will dry within two minutes of application.

Essie Fill The Gap Step 1

Inspect your nails to see if they are smooth enough. If you have deep ridges like I do, apply a second coat. Once the second layer is dry, paint over the base coat with an opaque nail polish. Apply a second coat and/or topcoat as usual.

Beauty Test Drive Essie Fill In The Gap

Overall: After four weeks of using this product, I am a total convert. The quick dry formula smoothens and thickens nail appearance for the perfect salon look. My two minor complaints are the color and wear. This base coat works best with opaque colors and does not extend the wear of your nail polish. But hey, everything else about it rules.

Rating: 4/5