Beauty Breakdown: January Jones’ Retro Glam Lashes & Bright Red Lips

Normally I’m pretty against plastic surgery, but I would not say no to a total January Jones Face Transfusion. Look at her face. It’s so pretty. Sigh. Science has obviously not gotten to a point where we can steal celebrity faces for ourselves, and I don’t know that January would be down for such a thing anyway, but luckily we can copycat her makeup! After the jump, I explain how to do it!

So, you want to start off with a flawless face, which should be easy because you are all flawless in my book. You know, moisturize, put on your foundation and powder and a tiny bit of blush, just for a slight rosy glow. But that’s it, because this look is all about the eyes and the lips. You don’t want to go cray-cray with the bronzer and 50 shades of eyeshadow because that would be overkill.

Up until a couple days ago, my attempts to use liquid eyeliner were hit or miss, usually on the same day which meant I would have one perfectly winged cat eye and one uneven molting eye. Getting that little ‘flick’ at the end just right is HARD and nailing it on both eyes was seemingly impossible until I went out and bought Maybelline’s Line Stiletto eyeliner in blackest black ($7.99). I have no idea why this works so well, especially since the brush looks the opposite of special. For whatever reason, applying it is practically goof proof. Most of the makeup in my makeup bag is stuff that I got for free here at The Frisky, because I’m always game to try new products and I must admit to generally thinking all of this crap is, you know, the same. So you know when I actually run out and buy a makeup product and cross about it being the best, it really is. I promise you Maybelline is not paying me to endorse their Line Stiletto eyeliner, although if they sent me a lifetime supply, I would not be mad.

Anyhow, so apply a thin line close to the lash line — if you want it thicker, you can always add more. There are lots of different liquid eyeliner techniques, but I generally start from the inner corner and work my way out, doing that little flick at the end for the cat eye effect. You do yours in whatever manner works best for your hand, dexterity, and level of sobriety. If you have any particular tricks you think the rest of us could benefit from, by all means share in the comments!

January is probably wearing very expensive false eyelashes, but I ain’t got time for that ish, so I vote for just loading on the mascara. A few months ago, I got Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! mascara ($23) in the mail and have been really impressed by how much it thickens and lengthens my lashes with just one coat. However, to get that “I have $200 fake eyelashes sewn onto my face” look, I suggest doing two or three coats of mascara. Let’s not hold back. Just don’t go crying about anything later, okay?

Lastly, it’s time to slick on a matte red lipstick. January has a very ivory complexion and her red lipstick is one with very subtle blueish undertones as opposed to orange undertones. I think you should wear whatever hue of bright red looks best with your skintone, i.e. warm or cool. MAC makes a bunch of really amazing red lipsticks, from Ruby Woo and Russian Red to Dangerous ($16), pictured above. For a long time, I never wore lipstick, let alone bright lipstick, because I was convinced I shouldn’t draw attention to my tiny mouth. In recent years, I’ve realized that is bullshit, that everyone — big lipped or small — deserves to wear red lipstick and now I wear it almost every day. Red lipstick is seriously one of the easiest ways to make yourself look just a little more together. Some days I don’t shower, pull on yoga clothes and slick on some red lipstick, and I swear I feel like a million bucks.