10 Possible Reactions To Your Own Farts (in GIFs)

So, you farted. You’re human. It happens. The question now is how you’re going to react to the gaseous gift you just bestowed on the world. Depending on a variety of factors such as sound, smell, and present company, there are many potential responses to a toot, ranging from shock and denial to unabashed pride. Here are a few common fart reactions we know all too well…

1. Pride

That was a truly epic fart. And you made it all by yourself. Rock on!

2. Enjoyment

It’s natural to love the scent of your own gas.

3. Glee

Especially common with farts that sound like trumpets.

4. Bashfulness

Oh myyyyy … I tooted.

5. Pleasure

Yeah baby, yeah.

6. Disgust

What kind of beast am I?

7. Denial

Is that mine? Please God don’t let anyone notice.

8. Confusion

What the hell could I possibly have eaten to cause that smell?!

9. Shock

Wow. Didn’t feel that one coming.

10. Extreme Embarrassment

Everyone knows I farted and I will never show my face in public again.

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