Pamela Anderson Poses Nude At 46

  • Gorgeous new pixie-cut owner Pamela Anderson just posed nude for France’s Purple magazine and has also revealed her two sons know about her sex tape with her ex-husband Tommy Lee. “Stupid Internet!” she said. Well, they are teenagers now. See the NSFW pics here and here. [Daily Mail UK, Huffington Post, Eonline]
  • Seattle police are rumored to be reexamining the circumstances preceding Kurt Cobain’s death — officially ruled a suicide — including looking at four rolls of film which have been held in an evidence vault. Time to rent “Kurt & Courtney” and put your tin-foil hats on! [Huffington Post]

  • Yikes, here are 43 signs you are a really bad kisser. [SparkNotes]
  • Rihanna’s former accountant, whom she claims mishandled nine million dollars, is snapping back that the singer just spends too much. [TMZ]
  • A leaked contract from NBC’s “The Voice” says that the producers can ignore who the public votes for and pick their own winner. Um, what? [New York Daily News]
  • What does your favorite Ryan Gosling movie say about you? [Refinery29]
  • HBO and George R. R. Martin are in talks to finish off “Game Of Thrones” with a big-screen film. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Well, now I’ve seen everything: Madonna has released her own skincare line. [ONTD]
  • Meet Prince George’s new nanny: Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, who is now living in Kensington Palace with the royal couple. [People]
  • Whoa, check out Andrew W.K.’s old modeling headshots. [Village Voice]

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[Photo: Purple Magazine]