Taylor Momsen On That Time The Whole World Saw Her Tampon String

“Once, my tampon string was put on the Internet when I was 15 because some asshole shot up my dress and it made big headlines. For a year, if you Googled ‘Taylor Momsen’ the tampon photo was the first thing that came up. When that happens, you just go, I really just don’t give a fuck, and you close the computer. People are going to say what they’re going to say, and the tabloids will always spin shit.”

Taylor Momsen explains why she finds fame “so fleeting and stupid,” talks about navigating being in the public eye at a young age and discusses how “sexuality and rock n’ roll go hand-in-hand” in a Daily Beast interview. She also drops quite a few f-bombs, which leads me to believe she gives a leetle bit more of a fuck than she lets on. Not that I blame her. She has every right to be angry. If the whole world saw my tampon string when I was  15, I’d be in hiding somewhere in Siberia. [The Daily Beast via Jezebel]