Planet Fitness Tells Woman To Cover Up Her “Toned Body” Because It’s Intimidating Members

I’m feeling outraged on behalf of California’s Tiffany Austin. After recovering from injuries she suffered in a car accident, Austin joined Planet Fitness, whose ads boast of their no “gymtimidation” vibe, because she was excited to get back in shape. Fifteen minutes into her inaugural workout, Austin claims a manager approached her and said, “Excuse me we’ve had some complaints you’re intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt?”

Austin agreed to wear a shirt over her midriff-baring tank-top because it “violated dress code.”  While the manager was getting a shirt for her to put over her body, yet another staff member approached her to scold her. That’s when she decided to ask for a refund and get the fuck out of there.

The manager at the Planet Fitness in question said that the company “strives to make everyone feel comfortable” and claims that the dress code is at the discretion of staff members and managers. But the corporate Planet Fitness spokesperson, Mcall Gosselin, disagrees. Being criticized for being toned or fit “is not in line with the Planet Fitness policy whatsoever.”

It’s nice that there’s a chain of gym that wants it’s less toned, less “lunk-head” members to feel comfortable, but it’s anti-body shaming policy should extend to people of all shapes and sizes, including those with banging biceps. It’s a gym, after all. What the hell? [KTVU]