Awesome Kickstarter Project Wants To Launch A Line Of Female-Centered Condom Cases

Janice Chan, a Brooklyn lawyer-turned-entrepreneur (read: badass) is tired of the judgment women sometimes receive for carrying condoms. She also didn’t like storing her condoms in fancy business card cases or makeup bags when going out, but the only condom cases she found on the market were geared toward men. Now she’s created a company called The Plan A Project that creates beautiful condom cases for women, which are small enough to fit inside even the tiniest clutch.(We know, because she sent us a couple samples!)

As Chan explains on her Kickstarter campaign to raise more funding for the project, :

My main goal is to send a message and provide a product that rewards and promotes women taking charge of their sexual agency.  I try to do everything in a meaningful, non-condescending way — no faux rah-rah sayings on t-shirts, no cheesy sex ed type pedagogy — just a realistic product built around women like myself who sometimes want to get laid but are conscientious enough to keep options and control.

Now that sounds like a breath of fresh air. Chan’s hope is that beyond offering a practical solution for ladies who worry about condoms ripping inside their purse, she will discourage the double standards that revolve around women’s sex lives. You can support The Plan A Project on Kickstarter here!