RIP Society: Lunch Lady Paid Students To Beat Up A Fourth-Grader

A former lunchroom aide at an elementary school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, pleaded guilty to paying a student $1 to have a fourth-grade classmate beat up.  Brooke Wilson-Johnson, age 19, offered a dollar to three students to hurt the fourth-grader because he disobeyed her instructions and called her a “pregnant bitch.” Thankfully, the student didn’t suffer any injuries, but he was “pushed, bumped, thrown out of a seat, and and had his food taken.” Yet still, the imagery of any child being bullied makes my heart wrench.  

Wilson-Johnson was fired from the school when the incident occurred back in October. She’s now been sentenced to a week in jail, a fine, and yearlong probation for the misdemeanor charge of aiding and abetting delinquent acts. The victim’s mother told, “I would have been happier if she was also required to take parenting and anger management classes because people need more than punishment.” This nightmare woman should never be allowed to work with children again.

[Detroit Free Press]