Man Sues OkCupid After His Long-Distance Lover Scammed Him Out Of $70,000

A New York City man has filed a lawsuit against OkCupid’s parent company IAC after a guy he met on the online dating site scammed him out of $70,000. Michael Z. Picciano insists in his lawsuit that OkCupid, which is a free site, doesn’t properly screen its subscribers and that they are creating a false image of a safe place to meet people.

Picciano, who is 65, met “genuineguy62″ (oh, the irony), whose said his real name was Bruce Thompson, about a year ago. Picciano said he trusted Thompson and felt safe with him. They hit it off, and chatted on the phone and on Skype.

Things got sketchy when Thompson explained that he was facing “unexpected fees he incurred in his dealings setting up a new computer parts business.” Cool story bro. Picciano was fooled, however, and wired Thompson $24,000. Thompson instructed him to send them to two different names located in Texas and Canada, but Picciano must have been to caught up in his feelings to take note of that glaring red flag.

Soon afterward, he sent another $46,420 for Thompson — this time to a “company” in the UK. Shortly after that, with the help of a friend, Picciano spotted Thompson on a website called which — you guessed it — points out scammers. As it turns out, Thompson had been running all sorts of scams with others using the same phone number and email address.

Picciano is not longer speaking to Thompson, but he says that he’s still scamming on OkCupid, this time under the name “bigheartedbt.” In addition to the lawsuit against OKC, Picciano is also suing his bank, Capital One, for “failing to comply with proper procedures for the transmission of wire funds.”

I actually really feel for Picciano: love can sometimes make us overlook even the most obvious signs of trouble.  If only life came with a liar-proof screening system.

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[Image of a computer scam via Shutterstock]