Beauty Test Drive: LORAC’s Tantalizer Body Bronzing Spray

Ever get all dolled up and then look down at your painfully pale legs? If you’re coming out of winter hibernation and have a special event to go to, I’ve got the solution for you. No stockings required.

Price: LORAC Tantalizer Body Bronzing Spray With Puff, $32

Application: First, I highly recommend taking the time to exfoliate and shave your legs. This will remove any dead skin and hair leaving your skin super smooth to the touch. Before you uncap the spray bottle, get comfortable in the bathroom. I recommend wearing the bare minimum for easy access to skin without staining your clothes. Once situated, hold the bottle in one hand and the puff in the other, about three inches apart, and give the puff a quick spray.  The key is to evenly distribute a small amount of product onto the puff.

Beauty Test Drive Lorac Body Bronzing Spray

Starting at your foot or hand, swiftly buff the product into your skin. The larger your circles, the lighter the bronzing effect.  You can always add a second coat if you would like a darker shade.  Continue this method of application, until you’ve covered the desired area evenly.

Overall: I kind of love it! I’ve never tried a temporary body bronzer before, but I have failed miserably at spray-on self-tanner. This spray provides a lightweight coating that leaves skin feeling moisturized, while the puff prevents streaking. The tan looks natural and showed minimal transfer. A light rub against fabric will not result in any stains, but I recommend a shower before you attempt a rough romp on white sheets. Bronzing my arms and legs took a total of 15 minutes.

Beauty Test Drive Lorac Body Bronzing Spray

At $32 a can, I highly recommend this product for special events, but would not recommend it for everyday wear or if you’re going to be wearing white like, say, on your wedding day. The product is too costly for everyday wear and may rub off after hours of dancing in a white dress.

Rating: 4/5