Montana Abortion Clinic That Survived A Firebombing Attack Was Broken Into & Vandalized

All Families Healthcare, the only clinic in Flathead Valley, Montana, which provides abortions as well as numerous other reproductive health surfaces to women, suffered a break-in and extensive vandalism on March 3rd.

All Families Healthcare experienced damage to its furniture, medical instruments and supplies, file cabinets, sewer line, furnace and water heater. A yellow powder also covered almost everything inside the clinic, The Missoulian newspaper reported. The clinic is run by Susan Cahill, a physician’s assistant in MT since the 1970s. In 1994, her clinic was firebombed by an anti-abortion extremist as part of a string of attacks against eight clinics that terminate pregnancies. At that time, Cahill’s clinic had to be closed for five months for repairs. Activists mobilized quickly after the most recent attack on the clinic and as of of today, an IndieGogo campaign has raised $41,000 and counting to repair the damage — and there are still 27 days left for the online fundraiser.

Zachary Klundt, 24, was arrested for the break-in and faces four felony charges — three for the break-in at the abortion clinic and one for an attempted break-in at a bail bondman’s office nearby. Klundt is the son of Twyla Klundt, a board member for Hope Pregnancy Ministries, a so-called Christian “crisis pregnancy center” that seeks to persuade women not to have abortions. In a letter to the Daily Interlake newspaper last week, Cahill described the scary and very intentional damage Klundt caused in detail:

… [I]n my opinion this was very much a hate crime, NOT a random attack by someone who was on drugs or mentally ill.

This person took meticulous time destroying EVERYTHING that was important to me; everything that I have worked very hard for all my life.

He destroyed the plumbing and heating system in the building. He then completely destroyed all my medical equipment, ripping apart, breaking every glass object, bending, stabbing knives into or punching hammer holes into, and then methodically cutting and sticking knife holes into the faces of my friends and family, including pictures of my baby grandson. In my opinion, this is NOT the act of someone who was “high” and didn’t know what he was doing, but rather someone who knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

Sticking knives into pictures of her baby grandson? Pro-life indeed.

You can donate to the online fundraising campaign for All Families Healthcare via IndieGogo.

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