It’s Time To Cry: SXSW Accident Victim Gets Surprise Hospital Room Visit From Her Favorite Band

This year’s SXSW festival was tainted by tragedy when a drunk driver plowed into a crowd of people, killing three and injuring 23. One of the people in that car’s path was 18-year-old Mason Endres, who was walking with a friend when she was hit. She sustained a concussion, cervical spine fracture, broken nose, cracked femur, and a severed artery in her leg, and has been in the hospital since last Thursday. Endres had come to the festival to see her favorite local band, Jared & The Mill, but never got the chance. When the band heard that Endres, who is one of their biggest fans, had been hurt, they decided to bring the show to her, gathering in her hospital room to give her a private concert. “The pure excitement of everything got me through today,” said Endres. “Today I felt better than I ever thought I’d feel in the hospital.” Endres’ recovery process will be long and difficult, but it’s so good to see the healing power of music in action. [The Daily Dot]