James Deen Has Invented Sriracha-Flavored “Bronuts” And I’m Horrified

As if James Deen hasn’t brought enough memorable, ahem, treats to this world already, he is now presenting us with what he refers to as “the Deenut” or “the bronut.” In my mind, nothing sounded more amazing than a Deen-themed donut … until I discovered the ingredients. With a range of flavors like Sour Patch Kid, Sriracha, Beer, Dorito, and Coffee, I’m not sure I want to try them anytime soon.

In his web series with WoodRocket.com, “James Deen Loves Food,” the porn star has churned out creations like the “World’s Most Expensive Burrito” and the “Turducken Hotdog.” In other words, all of his “meals” from the series look like bro food that would make me want to vom, so he only gets points for inventiveness.

The (safe for work!) trailer of his dessert-making skills is available here…try not to gag when you see the way he clusters Dorito dust atop a donut. If the food looks as vile to you as it does to me, at least allow yourself to be distracted by his sparkly charisma. He’s not a porn star for nothing! [James Deen Loves Food]