Elizabeth Olsen Is Engaged!

  • Another Olsen is engaged: little sis Elizabeth Olsen is engaged to her 32-year-old actor boyfriend Boyd Holbrook. Mazel tov! [US Weekly]
  • At least two people are dead and 23 injured after a car drove into a crowd at SXSW in Austin, outside a party for Spin magazine. Here’s hoping everyone in our SpinMedia Group family is okay. [Spin]
  • The sunglasses that Paul Walker wore on the day he died in a car crash are up for auction. [TMZ]
  • Madonna will not be outdone by Miley Cyrus in the licking department. [Daily Mail UK]
  • The parents of Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman are suing Roseanne Barr for tweeting their Lake Mary, Florida, home address, which they claim made them have to go into hiding. [CNN]
  • ABC anchor Elizabeth Vargas’ husband, songwriter Marc Cohn, allegedly had an affair with one of their friends while she was in rehab for alcoholism. [Page Six]
  • Kate Moss’ 16-year-old sister Lottie is modeling in Teen Vogue and looking like a gorgeous blonde hybrid of Kate, Sienna Miller and Twiggy. [People]
  • 14 things that will happen in your first SoulCycle class. [BuzzFeed]
  • Porsha from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is dating … an African dictator’s son? [TMZ]
  • Amazon just jacked up the price of an annual Amazon Prime membership. [Consumerist]

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