Coming Soon To Your TV: Couples Having Sex In A Box

Leave it to the Brits to come up with the most out-of-the-box (well, actually, in-the-box) concept for a reality TV show. And leave it to the Americans to steal the idea. WE  has announced that it will produce its own version of the British show, “Sex Box.” It’s just what it sounds like. Couples who are having relationship issues go inside a soundproof box, have sex and discuss it immediately after with a panel of sexperts (including the great Dan Savage).

“This ‘in the moment’ approach fosters conversations about intimacy that are completely filterless and emotionally honest…’Sex Box’ is an intriguing and original concept from a top production partner and we’re very excited about its potential, which has already been clearly demonstrated overseas — where it’s a hit,” said the network.

Clearly it will be a guilty pleasure to watch. I’m just wondering what couple would sign on to have sex in a box on TV. You can check out an episode of the British version of “Sex Box” here.