You Can Help Name This Zoo’s Adorable New Lion Cubs!

The Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas, is enlisting the help of the public to choose names for their new lion cubs. The male cub goes by Doc, but the three female cubs have yet to be named.

The options are…

  • Imara (means strong one)
  • Malika (means angel)
  • Zuri (means beautiful)
  • Adanna (means father’s daughter)
  • Makena (means happy one)
  • Zola (means quiet and tranquil)
  • Aziza (means darling, respected)
  • Damisi (means happy)
  • Amira (means princess)
  • Azima (means mighty)
  • Mboga (means groceries)

Voters have until March 20 to send their choices to the Caldwell Zoo’s Facebook page or, if you’re local, head there in person and cast a vote at their visitor center. The winning names for these adorable fuzzballs will be announced on March 24!

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[Image via Caldwell Zoo]