The Dunphys’ “Modern Family” House Is For Sale — But Can You Guess How Much It Costs?

If you watch “Modern Family” and envy the chaotic, hilarious lives of the Dunphys, perhaps you’d be interested in moving in with them? OK, you wouldn’t really be moving in with Phil, Claire, Haley, Alex, and Luke, but you would own the famous house they live in on the show. This piece of sitcom real estate doesn’t come cheap, though. The 4 bedroom/4.5 bathroom home is located in the swanky Cheviot Hills area of Los Angeles. Find out the price after the jump!

The house is currently listed for $2.35 million, which is either crazy-expensive or a total steal, depending on how you look at it. One thing’s for sure: Phil might be kind of a doofus husband, but he’s not doing too bad as a realtor to be able to drop a couple million on a house. Any guesses as to how much Jay and Gloria’s house would go for? My guess is… A LOT. [Daily Mail]