5 Reasons I’m Super Excited About Miranda Lambert’s Upcoming Album, Platinum

Miranda Lambert just announced a release date for her fifth studio album, Platinum, and even though we have to wait til June 3rd (that’s soooo far away!), I couldn’t be more excited. Miranda is one of my favorite country artists — a strong, sassy lady in a sea of autotuned frat boys — and the two years that have passed since her last album, Four The Record, have been long, long years. Here are 5 reasons I’m going to make a paper chain to count down the days until Miranda’s new album comes out, because I’m that stoked about it:

1. “Automatic” was the perfect first single. I’ve had Platinum’s first single, “Automatic,” on repeat for weeks now. It’s the perfect Miranda song — pretty, reflective, but still up-beat enough to turn it up and sing along with the windows down. If “Automatic” left you yearning for more, don’t worry — there are a whopping 16 songs on Platinum.

2. The whole Platinum theme is awesome. “Platinum is my hair color, and my wedding ring, and the color of my Airstream and the name of one of my favorite beers,” Miranda told The Country Vibe. “It’s about a lifestyle.” This is a lifestyle I fully support. I mean, look at that album cover up there! Makes me want to dye my hair even blonder and take off in a vintage trailer.

3. The record was written by amazing women. Miranda wrote or co-wrote 8 of the songs herself, and after seeing the team she assembled to help her, I am practically salivating to hear the results. The best part? They’re all ladies! Another of my favorite country artists (and Miranda’s BFF/Pistol Annies bandmate), Ashley Monroe, posted this picture on Instagram with the caption, “Gal writers on Miranda’s new record”:

Miranda Lambert Platinum Writing Team

This photo warms my heart. Such a refreshing break from the bros that have dominated country this past year! (Luke Bryan, don’t get me wrong, I love you, but it’s the ladies’ turn to shine.)

4. Speaking of rad ladies, the album includes a duet with Carrie Underwood. “We’re coming together as a force,” Lambert says. “To me, like, if you’re sitting on the front row, you might want to scoot back.” Life. Dream. Status.

5. Miranda’s calmed down a bit since her “Gunpowder & Lead” past — but not too much. Here’s how Miranda describes her slightly chilled out attitude these days: “There’s humor on this album, and nostalgia, and it’s feminine. There’s girl power, not [like] ‘I’m gonna burn your house down and kill you,’ but more where I am as a 30- year-old woman and wife. I’m more settled in life, embracing the good and the bad, and that’s all reflected on Platinum. I still blaze around — but in a less chaotic way.” I love me some intense, “burn down your house and kill you” Miranda, but hey, this version sounds pretty great too.

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