Life Dream Status: Amtrak’s Writers Residency Program Is Now Accepting Applications

I promised I would scream it from the hilltops when Amtrak made their writers’ residency program official. Well, this is me screaming it from the hilltops. On Saturday, the railway announced its official #AmtrakResidency, which will allow for up to 24 writers to take long-distance trains to work on their projects.  Residences will last 2-5 days, and all applications are due by March 31st.

“Each writer’s round-trip journey will include accommodations on board a sleeper car equipped with a bed, a desk and outlets. We hope this experience will inspire creativity and most importantly fuel your sense of adventure!” says Amtrak’s blog.

The only requirements are writing samples, a “passion for writing and an aspiration to travel with Amtrak for inspiration” and “extensive social media connections.”

I have a feeling that the volume of applications will break Amtrak’s site the way the “True Detective” finale took down HBOgo. [Gothamist]