Beauty Test Drive: Sonia Kashuk’s Limited Edition Make-A-Face Brush Set

Have you ever gone into a Sephora and thought, What the hell is THAT brush for?  Why are there 50 different brushes available when I only use five or six products on my face? I have this internal conversation all the time. I am compelled to hold, caress and sometimes buy several brushes without ever knowing what they’re for until I do a quick Google search. The reality is those unidentified brushes have created an expensive collection.

How many brushes do I own? Twelve. How many do I use to apply makeup each morning? I will admit to five.  How many do I need? Three. In my own defense, after playing with several brushes, I realized that those two extra face brushes allow me to quickly contour my face without looking like a joker.

When Katie and I discovered Sonia Kashuk’s Limited Edition “Make a Face” brush set for $24.99, I almost collapsed! I have spent more than that on a single brush. Katie was very excited to take these beauties home, and I offered to explain to her my multi-brush logic.

Tools available at Target

  • $24.99, Limited Edition Brush Set
  • $7.99, Limited Edition Gold Standard Vanity Cup
  • $12.99, Limited Edition Gold Standard Vanity Tray


Application: After applying your concealer and foundation as usual, grab your favorite blush and bronzer.  Using the flat (round) top multipurpose brush, apply blush to each cheekbone. Avoid applying blush above your cheekbones, or too close to your nose.  Then, using the flat top (rectangular) sculpting brush, apply bronzer below the cheekbone and along the hairline. The flat top brushes provide superior control over the color application allowing you to create precise contour lines.

Beauty Test Drive: Sonia Kashuk Make A Face Brush Set Contour

Now use the dense powder brush to blend the blush and bronzer for a natural look. You may notice a slight bronzer line along your cheek, but I promise you no one else is staring at it. The contouring is subtle enough for everyday wear.

Beauty Test Drive: Sonia Kashuk Make A Face Brush Set Buff

So, what is the fourth multipurpose brush for? Finishing powder. There are a large variety of finishing powders available on the market. Some set makeup for longer wear, while others can prevent shine. The key to applying these powders is a soft round brush that will distribute the powder evenly without disrupting your makeup. We tried Sonia Kashuk’s Chic Luminosity Glow Powder. Using a soft multipurpose brush, apply a light layer of translucent powder all over face. In person, a finishing powder may show no results, but as you can see the camera caught a visible difference.

Beauty Test Drive: Sonia Kashuk Make A Face Brush Set Finishing Powder

Overall: This brush set is the perfect starter kit for anyone ready to play with face powders. The soft synthetic brushes offer everything you need to create a flawless face without breaking the bank.

Rating: 5/5