11 Things That Are True About Big Families

These days, people seem impressed when they hear that someone has three kids: “Oh, wow, three!” If you come from an actually big family, this is nothing. Three is how many kids were in the house when a couple of your older siblings went off to college. Five, eight, even 10 kids? That’s a big family. >We both come from big families — Winona the oldest, Jess the youngest — so we know what we’re talking about. It wasn’t exactly like “Keeping Up The The Kardashians” or “The Brady Bunch,” but sometimes … it kind of was.  After the jump, 11 things that we know to be true about big families.

1. The first child’s experience with the parents is vastly different from the last child’s experience with the parents. By kid number six, Mom and Dad are, like, “Sure, do whatever, we don’t care.”

2. The older children basically parented the younger children a good deal of the time. 

3. Most fights revolved around limited quantities of parental attention and  limited quantities of tasty snack food. Or just general pissiness.

4. Gossip/pertinent family information is dispersed like a giant game of Telephone. Someone has forgotten to clue you in more than once.

5. Seven people sharing one bathroom got … interesting.

6. Sharing bedrooms was a given. 

7. Sibling relationships can get like a game of “Survivor,” which shifting alliances, dealmaking and betrayal. Just take deep breaths, everyone.

8. Thank God for the existence of Secret Santa, because couldn’t afford to buy Christmas presents for everybody if you tried. 

9. At some point, Mom stopped giving a fuck about injuries unless there was blood or barf. And it wasn’t uncommon for her to call you by one of your siblings’ names.

10. You have serious suspicions about whether the last kid or two was an accident.  

11. At the end of the day, though, you might have grown up with a lot of drama, but you also grew up with a lot of love. And every day you are grateful for it! 

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