Hello Kitty & Playboy Team Up On A Camera

This new limited edition Leica camera combines Hello Kitty and the Playboy bunny, because wh0 doesn’t want a twee cartoon cat adorned with those famous bunny ears? I mean, they both have major birthdays this year (Hello Kitty turns 40 and Playboy turns 60), so I guess that’s as good an excuse to pair them off as any. And go figure, it’s Playboy who is going for the younger woman.

The camera is for sale at the French store Colette for a cool $1,264. To be fair, the design is pretty cute. There’s a whole collection of Hello Kitty and Playboy goodies for sale alongside the camera as well, including temporary tattoos and phone cases.

“People thought I was crazy, but now everyone agrees they look amazing together,” said Sarah Andelman, Colette’s founder. Carven designer Guillaume Henry had similar sentiments: “I’m always more intrigued by a couple’s differences than similarities, so I love the whole idea of ‘sexy kawaii.'” Sure. We’ll go with that.

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