World’s Greatest Fortune Cookie Contained Winning Powerball Numbers

Apparently I have not been eating enough Chinese food. But if anything can inspire me to to starting loading up on lo mien noodles, it’s the promise of my fortune cookie bringing me actual fortune … and not just “in bed.”

After a Chinese food feast at Sammy’s Noodle Shop in New York’s Greenwich Village, Emma Duvoll not only took the time to read the lucky numbers on the back of her fortune, but she took them and bought a Powerball ticket. And dagnabit, the 75-year-old retired deli owner won $2 million. “I don’t play that often — once a month. I was home when I saw my numbers. I was very excited. ‘That’s crazy,’ I thought,” said Duvoll.

Yes, that is crazy. Why didn’t I think of it? Duvoll plans to invest her winnings and take a dream trip to Switzerland.  No word on what her actual fortune was, which I feel is the most important detail missing from this story. [NY Daily News]