Online Dating Site To Outsource Women Because There Aren’t Enough Single Guys In NYC

We’ve heard about the harrowing statistics of the single woman to man ratio in NYC and most of us have experienced it in action first hand. Absolute losers seemingly have a hundreds of women to choose from while the most awesome women you’ve ever met inexplicably can’t meet anyone. [SO TRUE. — Amelia] Although this is billed as a New York problem, it’s a problem in many cities.

A dating site, The Dating Ring, believes they have found a simple solution to the single man drought in Big Apple: outsource the women of NYC to San Francisco where available men are bountiful.

The site is trying to solve this “very silly problem” by raising $10,000 on Crowdtilt to fly as many single ladies as they can from New York to San Francisco over Memorial Day Weekend and throw giant mixers that will hopefully restore balance to the dating world.  In addition to the company’s fundraising efforts, interested single women are allowed to invite friends, family and even dudes in the Bay Area to contribute to their trip.

I mean, the very worst that can happen is that you get an all-expense-paid trip to San Francisco, which sounds like a win to me. As long as you don’t expect to meet the man of your dreams (thought you’re likely to meet someone), it should be a blast. [BetaBeat]

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