Lily Allen Battles Blogger Over Feminism Comments

  • Lily Allen got in a Twitter dispute with a blogger from Holy Moly, after she took the pop star to task for saying she doesn’t understand why feminism exists anymore and “I don’t think men are the enemy. I think women are the enemy.” Lily Allen reacted defensively, accusing writer Becca Day-Preston of misunderstanding her and using her quotes out of context. FWIW, I think Lily Allen is fairly feminist and don’t blame her for critiquing mainstream feminism — I just think she just went about it the wrong way here (and has similarly mishandled gender/racial issues in the past). [Holy MolyEntertainment Wise]
  • Sexual violence is a “women’s issue” and other myths about violence against women that we need to stop repeating. [MSNBC]
  • The Canadian parliament’s report on missing and murdered aboriginal women has drawn sharp criticism for not adequately addressing the issue. [CTV]
  • The last abortion clinic in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, one of the poorest areas in the state, has shut down as a result of the state’s new restrictions on abortion. [Salon]
  • On the pandemic of violence against women in Mexico. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The top five things that happened once this writer began presenting as butch. [Autostraddle]
  • Female entrepreneurs typically pay themselves a lower salary than men do when beginning a startup venture. [New York Times]
  • On recognizing sex work as work. [The Hairpin]
  • The “Tranny Awards” is changing its name to the Transgender Erotica Awards. [Nerve]
  • Infographic time! How many women are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act? [Center For American Progress]

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