Astrology 101: The Pisces Love Compatibility Guide

Happy birthday, lovely Pisceans! As our gift to you, we put together this handy love compatibility guide so you can check out the pros and cons of all your romantic match-ups. Read on to get the astrological perspective on your love life…

Pisces with Aries:

Best thing: You will be immediately drawn to Aries’ youthful, exciting, and intense energy. The two of you are incredibly different, but this excites you, as you have a lot to learn from them.

Worst thing: In the long run, these differences could go from endearing and exciting to huge incompatabilities, and you might realize you just don’t understand each other at all.

Pisces with Taurus:

Best thing: Taurus will be your rock, the one person you can really count on and hold onto when you’re not sure where your life is headed. They can help ground you and you can help loosen them up a bit.

Worst thing: You are quite the dreamer, while Taurus is extremely practical. That intense level of practicality could really stifle your romantic optimistic nature.

Pisces with Gemini:

Best thing: The two of you will love spending time together and letting life take you wherever it may lead. You are both open minded and adaptable; this connection will flow nicely.

Worst thing: The problem with that level of fludity is that there is nothing to bring you two down to earth, and once the “getting to know you” romantic period wears off, you may find you don’t have much in common.

Pisces with Cancer:

Best thing: This connection can be extremely satisfying for you because you have so much in common. Like you, Cancer is deep, emotional, and sensual.

Worst thing: Beware of the intense moodiness and changeable nature you also share with Cancer, you two could end up in an endless storm of emotion.

Pisces with Leo:

Best thing: Leo brings out your light, playful, happy side. You will love them for it. They are also extremely affectionate and romantic, which you happily soak up.

Worst thing: You want to be alone and cultivate intimacy with your partners; Leo wants to be social and lives much more on the surface of life than you. You might find conflict in your different needs.

Pisces with Virgo:

Best thing: You and Virgo will enjoy plenty of quiet quality time together, relaxing, eating yummy food, and enjoying plenty of snuggles — things any Pisces loves!

Worst thing: Virgo’s analytical, critical nature will majorly clash with your open, optimistic way of being in the world.

Pisces with Libra:

Best thing: Libra is a harmonious partner for you. You will love their positive outlook on life and appreciate how they love and accept anyone and everyone.

Worst thing: Both of you are extremely indecisive and may lack direction in your lives. Together you amplify these qualities and make each other even less productive.

Pisces with Scorpio:

Best thing: Scorpio is an amazing match for you. Both of you require genuine intimacy without emotional, spiritual, or physical boundaries. Together you can cultivate this and create a deep connection.

Worst thing: Both being hyper-sensitive, you will find yourselves caught up in each others moods, not knowing who’s feelings are whose anymore. Plus, Scorpio’s intense moods might be too overwhelming for you.

Pisces with Sagittarius:

Best thing: Sagittarius will push you to think about things in a new way, be more hands-on and proactive about life decisions, and more adventurous in general. Your life together will feel fun and refreshing.

Worst thing: They have a tendency to be too straightforward and blunt (AKA insensitive) for you. Their sharp tongue will no doubt end up cutting you deep.

Pisces with Capricorn:

Best thing: You will admire Capricorn’s intense drive and determination in life, as it inspires you. This, paired with the loyalty they have for you, can make for a pleasant connection.

Worst thing: You require a lot of intimacy in your relationships. Capricorn’s controlled ways will not allow them to truly let you in, which will ultimately be unfulfilling for you.

Pisces with Aquarius:

Best thing: You will soak up Aquarius’ generous nature. They are always there for you no matter what, and in the midst of your emotional storms, they will help provide clarity and perspective.

Worst thing: Aquarius simply cannot understand your emotional cycles. They will try to make logical sense of your moods and feelings, which will drive you crazy.

Pisces with Pisces:

Best thing: Being with another Pisces can be a beautiful connection. Finally someone who lets you be you, without question, without judgement, without trying to change you.

Worst thing: All of that water can simply be too much — you need someone to balance you out a bit. You two will magnify each other’s emotions times 100 and may end up feeling lost and overwhelmed.