7 Philosophical Questions We Have About The Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot

Dominique Ansel, creator of the beloved/maligned/notorious/famous croissant-donut hybrid, the cronut, will officially debut his newest creation this weekend at SXSW in Austin, and it’s a doozy: the chocolate chip cookie milk shot. What is it? Exactly what it sounds like: a sweet, crispy shot glass made of a chocolate chip cookie, filled with cold milk. This new dessert brings up many questions, some practical, some philosophical. Here are 7 of them:

1. What if you want the milk after the cookie?

2. Wouldn’t the cookie part get soggy and turn to mush within a few moments of being filled with milk? How does the milk not ruin the structural integrity of the cookie?

3. At what rate does one need to drink the milk to ensure your cookie shot glass doesn’t collapse and/or drip milk all over your lap?

4. Do you sip and savor it like a glass of milk, or knock it back quick and dirty like a shot of Fireball?

5. What’s the best way to eat it? Do you shove the cookie shot glass in your mouth as you swallow the milk, or do you swallow the milk, then approach the shot glass like a cookie?

6. Does this count as a food or a drink? When describing someone consuming a chocolate chip cookie milk shot, would you say “they drank it” or “they ate it”?

7. Is chocolate milk inside a chocolate chip cookie too much? What IS too much?

I guess we’ll all have to wait for the inevitable Vines and live tweets of people eating/drinking cookie milk shots at SXSW this weekend to find out the answers to these questions. Til then, I’ll be taking the rest of the day off to meditate on all my most existential cookie queries. Namaste.