The Secret To Ryan Gosling’s Success: Dream Analysis

Everything Ryan Gosling touches seems to turn into unicorn farts and I’m sure it will be no different with his directorial debut of the new fantasy film, “How To Catch A Monster.” To make sure that the film is a success, the Gos went the extra mile and hired a dream analyst to work with his actors. According to Saoirse Ronan, who stars in the film, a woman named Greta had her and the rest of the cast, which includes Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, and Matt Smith, write a letter to their inner selves each night to reveal information about their characters which they would then act out in rehearsals. Ronan explained the process to Vulture:

“We would come in the next day to discuss our dreams with each other, and act them out, I’d tell Greta, ‘Listen, I don’t know what this is, but I was doing this last night, and then this person popped up [in my dream]’ and she’d make sense out of it. And that was our rehearsal…It made us become very close…It was a very new method for me, because all of a sudden, Ryan was encouraging us to incorporate our own personalities into our characters, how you feel about things, what your anxieties are, and things like that.”

As much as I’d like to pretend like this is some kooky, crazy stuff that Ryan Gosling dreamt up (pardon the pun) himself, I must tell you that although this was the first time Saoirse Ronan had done this kind of exercise, it’s a common practice amongst actors. Especially in the theater. You may still think it sounds half-insane, but I have participated in this very thing a number of times and I will assure that it’s incredibly creatively edifying to learn that you character is character is struggling with anger issues because you dreamed she was. Add some relaxation exercises where a green shimmering light leads you to your happy place, some movement techniques where you interact with other characters as if you were a wallaby, some rounds of psychodrama where you talk out your most deep-seated issues with your mother and you pretty much have a glimpse into what actors do in rehearsal, depending on what method they subscribe to.

It’s to Gos’ credit that he understands the power dreams have to inform art and  life. Clearly, he’s been harnessing the wisdom of his inner self for maximum success. Hopefully the dream analyst will help make “How To Catch A Monster” into another Gosling unicorn fart, AKA a well-received movie that continues to fuel the world’s crush on him. [Vulture]