“Normal-Sized Barbie” Could Be Coming To A Kid Near You

How awesome would it be if we could hand a kid a doll that didn’t have absurdly unrealistic proportions like Barbie does?

You may remember last year’s 3D print of a Barbie created using the average measurements of a 19-year-old girl. It made waves on the internet because, spoiler alert, the original Barbie’s shape was nothing like the average-sized doll. Artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm, the genius behind that project, got bombarded with questions about where parents could buy a doll like his creation. Lamm couldn’t point to any doll on the market with a realistic look, so he took things into his own hands.

His crowdfunding campaign on CrowdtiltOpen introduces us to Lammily, the artist’s new fashion doll. Lammily has the proportions and facial features of an average woman. Instead of the sparkly taffeta contraptions or princess dresses other dolls wear, Lammily is dressed in the kinds of casual clothes you might find on a trip to the mall.

“I wanted Lammily to wear clothes that Gap or J. Crew might design,” said Lamm. “There’s no reason why simple everyday clothes design can’t be transferred to doll clothes.” She also wears natural-looking makeup, instead of Barbie’s usual pink lipstick and eyeshadow. Instead of focusing on the size of her body, the focus is on what Lammily can do with it — the doll also has articulated joints so she can move around.

Lamm has a plan in place to make sure Lammily appeals to both parents and their kids:

The message about body image targets parents of daughters. Many young girls do not care about body image, they just want a fun doll to play with. This initial campaign is aimed more towards parents, but the future depends on young girls wanting to play with Lammily. I spent lots of time and research to create a doll which daughters are going to love. She isn’t just a doll with typical body proportions, she’s a fun doll which just happens to have typical body proportions. And everything from the packaging, to future ad campaigns, to future online interactive worlds, will be designed to appeal to kids.

Lamm sought the advice of Robert Rambeau, Mattel’s former VP of Manufacturing, in choosing a quality manufacturer and is ready to get Lammily up and running as the doll has surpassed its fundraising goal. I can’t wait to see this doll on a store shelf. As Lamm says, “average is beautiful.” You can see more of Lammily’s wardrobe and body shape here and here.

Parents and folks with kids in your life: would you buy a child a Lammily doll instead of/in addition to a Barbie?

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[Image via Nickolay Lamm]