New App Can Track Exactly How Caffeinated You Are

Raise your hand if you’re a caffeine addict just like I am? (I’m guessing that’s about 99 percent of us, right?) If we are ready to be slightly horrified at our behavior, UpCoffee, a new app by the life-tracking wristband folks at Jawbone, explains exactly how much caffeine you consume each day. The app hopes to make it easier for users to understand how caffeine effects our quality of sleep and ascertain that the latte or latte they guzzled a few hours ago won’t keep them awake.

The home screen features an adorable little beaker that fills up with bubble-like caffeine particles based on the beverages you record drinking throughout the day. The bubbles disappear in realtime as they leave your body, often at a pace that’s painfully slow. The data the app gathers will be delivered to users in Insight Reports that can track the effects that coffee, soda, Pixi Stix and staying-up-late-to-watch-“The Tonight Show” have on your body and health.

I don’t know if I’m ready to confront my coffee addiction face-to-face just yet — that is one scary reality.

[The Verge]

[Image of woman on caffeine via Shutterstock]