Beauty Test Drive: NARS Final Cut Satin Lip Pencil

I know it’s not the most mature makeup pursuit, but I’ve been searching for the perfect soft pink lipstick since I was, oh, 15. It needed to have a creamy texture, a tone that would look fabulous with a tan but wouldn’t wash me out in winter, and the color had to be perfect: not frosted and cheap looking, but still bright and fun. After trying out NARS’ new Villa Lante satin lip pencil from the Final Cut collection, I might have finally found it…

Price: $25, Nordstrom

Formula: A smooth, long wearing

Application: Easy as pie! The pencil is the perfect size and shape to glide over lips and get good coverage, even in the inner corners. It deposits just the right amount of super saturated color in one pass, although I’m always tempted to add more layers because it’s so pink that I get too excited.

Wear Time: I have other lipsticks that last longer, but they all dry out my lips. This pencil is the best lip product I’ve found that combines a creamy, non-drying consistency with long wear time. One of my favorite things about it is actually how it fades: after a few hours, the satin-y sheen fades to a more matte texture, which fades fairly evenly (no random patches of your lips without color while the corners are still bright pink).

Overall: I’ve worn this lip pencil pretty much every day since I got it. Is it expensive? Yes, but if you’re looking for one standout new product to brighten up your makeup bag for spring, I’d highly recommend it.

Rating: 4.5/5