Woman Speaks Gibberish In A Bunch Of Different Languages, Sounds Legit

I’m obviously fluent in English, and can speak a wee bit of Italian, French and Spanish — enough to help me get by in countries where those languages are spoken, but not enough to carry on any real stimulating conversation. I’ve always been envious by people who are fluent in multiple languages, but consider me absolutely amazed by this Finnish-Swedish YouTube user who is so good at speaking other languages, that she can pull off speaking them in gibberish. To the ear, thanks to her pronunciation, accent, and cadence, it sounds like she’s rambling on, making perfect sense in Japanese, French, Italian, Hindi, etcetera. But in actuality, which you really realize when she gets to British English and American English, she’s spewing a bunch of nonsense, using made up words and everything. I find this kind of mesmerizing actually. [Gizmodo]