Massachusetts Judge Rules It’s Legal To Take Photos Up Women’s Skirts

  • Good news, creeps and perverts: yesterday, a judge in Massachusetts ruled that it is legal to photograph or film underneath a woman’s skirt. The judge ruled that women don’t have the reasonable expectation not to have their vagina filmed without their consent in public, as “peeping tom” laws only apply to private dressing rooms and bathrooms.  [Think Progress]
  • Look at how this female pilot brilliantly responded to a note left for her by a male passenger after her flight. []
  • A Dartmouth College woman said she was sexually assaulted in January, only weeks after her name appeared in a “rape guide” about how to force women to give oral sex posted to a online message board used by students at the school. Fortunately, the student who wrote the original “rape guide” on the [email protected] message board is no longer at the university. [College Candy]
  • Alabama’s state House of Representatives has approved a “fetal heartbeat” bill. The bill would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy (before many women even know that they are pregnant). [New York Times]
  • Police in Florida are currently conducting a domestic violence investigation against Democratic Representative Alan Grayson, who allegedly shoved his wife against a door on Saturday. Rep. Grayson has not been arrested or charged with any crimes yet, but a FL judge has granted his wife custody of the couple’s children. [Talking Points Memo, Politico]
  • Lady directors are being highlighted in a Rendez Vous With French Cinema showcase in New York. [Variety]
  • Meet Irene Greif, the first-ever woman to earn a Ph.D in computer science from MIT. [The Atlantic]
  • Do men do better on “Jeopardy”? [Slate]

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